plum digest

2021.12.16 - wednesday
i need a new method of keeping track of the days.
today ben picked me up from lincoln/cypress station
(2 trains and a bus it takes to get home from my new bakery job)
and i realized i couldn't tell you for sure whether it was wednesday or thursday.
i'm 25. this is not good.
this page is my attempt at finding some artificial reason for routine.
i've tried a lot of different things to ground myself.
prayer meditation baths chai cooking sunrise yoga painting therapy call my friends
but at the end of the day i really just need an excuse to believe that
someone anyone no one would take the time to peruse my banal happenings
put down in terse text and html code.
i spent 1 hour photographing bread today
i spent 1 hour copying invoices by hand today
i spent 1 hour with ben today
i spent 0.3 hour with ben and a patty melt today
he reminded me of my other friend ben who is the reason behind
the only time i went to a chiropractor. he paid for it
(that's not the reason i went)
speaking of going places i should probably wash these dishes.